5G Security Solution Training


Advanced level


IT / Telecom professional


English language

Registration deadline: September 25, 2023

Course Start Dates

18 October 2023

Wednesday, October 18 – Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Onsite Instructor-led Professional Training

This training is offered by Huawei and Swiss Cyber Institute for Cybersecurity professionals that would like to understand vendor-agnostic industry security standards, 5G network architecture, security threats, and mitigations from 5G security solutions.

Course Fee: Free, subject to application approval and availability.

Location: Sunrise Ambassador House, Zurich

5G Security Training

Course objective

On completion of this program, the participants will be able to understand:

  • Basic 5G Network architecture and associated network security requirements for 5G networks
  • Hierarchical and domain-based 5G network security architecture
  • 5G security standards released by 3GPP (Rel 15, Rel 16, & Rel 17)
  • Knowledge of NESAS/SCAS security certification standards and use within 5G networks
  • Significance of cyber security threat analysis & the common threat analysis methods used within the industry which include the Microsoft STRIDE model and OWASP for top threats, threat analysis and countermeasures
  • Security scenarios, security threats, countermeasures and mitigations for the different 5G Network domains: (1) 5G Applications,(2) 5G Terminals, (3) 5G RAN, (4) 5G Core, and (5) 5G Transport.
  • Security scenarios, security threats, countermeasures and mitigations for Network Operations as well as the physical telecom service facilities
  • Unique security threats to 5G radio access networks and the mitigations within the 5G RAN security solution.
  • 5G network slice isolation technologies and solutions and understand the security challenges of 5G network slicing
  • Basic definition and service scenarios of 5G MEC (Edge Computing)
  • MEC security architecture as well as MEC “security as a service” and associated security management
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The training helps students of varying backgrounds in Cybersecurity or Telecoms understand 5G Network Cybersecurity. It covers basic Telecom and Cybersecurity concepts to bring everyone to the required level. Previous knowledge in Mobile Telecoms or Cybersecurity is helpful but not necessary. Course materials are available online for environmental reasons, accessible with a laptop and Chrome Browser.

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Target audience

  • Telecoms Operators: Telecoms professionals can expand their 5G knowledge to include vendor agnostic 5G Cybersecurity solutions and considerations.
  • Academia & Industry: Cybersecurity professionals can expand their knowledge to include vendor agnostic 5G network concepts and features.
  • Regulators & Gov’t: Governance professionals can expand their knowledge of 5G vendor-agnostic security standards and frameworks.

Study Content

Participate in 6 Days of face-to-face classroom training led by professional Huawei domain expert trainers. Attending the classes and giving the course feedback at the end of the training is mandatory.

5G Cyber Security Concept and Industry Consensus Overview

5G Cyber Security Development Trend

  • 5G Cyber Security Development Trends
  • Building a Layered, Domain-based 5G Cyber Security Architecture
  • 5G Cybersecurity Knowledge Base

5G Cyber Security Standards and Certifications Interpretation

3GPP 5G Security Standards

  • 5G Security Standards Overview
  • 3GPP R15 Basic Security Architecture and Security Features
  • 3GPP R16 Enables Industry Security Standards
  • 3GPP R17 Deepens and Enables Industry Security Standards

NESAS&SCAS Security Certification Standards

  • NESAS Evolves and is Accepted By More Markets
  • Introduction to the NESAS Assessment System
  • NESAS-CCS Becomes a Candidate 5G Certification Scheme in the EU
  • Huawei 5G is the first to pass the NESAS Assessment

5G Cyber Security Threat Analysis and Countermeasures Introduction

Overview of Network Security Threat Analysis Methods

  • Treat Analysis Objectives and Values
  • Common Threat Analysis Methods
  • Microsoft STRIDE Threat Modeling Example

App and Service Security Threat Analysis and Countermeasures

  • OWASP Top Threats and Countermeasures
  • Application Security Scenarios and Countermeasures

5G Mobile Terminal Security Threat Analysis and Countermeasures

  • 5G Terminal Security Threats
  • Countermeasures for 5G Terminal Security Risks

5G Wireless Access Network Security Threat Analysis and Countermeasures

  • 5G RAN Security Threat Reference Model
  • Air Interface Security
  • Transmission Security
5G Core Network Security Threat Analysis and Countermeasures

5GC Telecom Service Facility Security Threats

  • Service Plane Security Threats
  • Management Plane Security Threats

5GC Telecommunication Service Facilities Security Countermeasures

  • Security Measures for the Service Plane of Telecom Service Facilities
  • Security Measures for the Management Plane of Telecom Service Facilities

5G Cloud Infrastructure Security Threat Analysis and Countermeasures

  • 5GC Security Threat Model
  • 5GC Physical Infrastructure Security
  • 5GC Virtual Infrastructure Security

5G Network Operation and Management Security Threat Analysis and Countermeasures

  • 5G O&M Security Risks
  • Countermeasures for 5G O&M Security Risks
  • 5G Cyber Security Solution Design

5G RAN Security Solution

  • Radio Network Security Overview
  • 5G Radio Network Security Solutions
  • Additional Solutions for Vertical Industrial Application

5G Core Security Solution

  • 5G Core Architecture and New Technologies
  • 5G Core Security Risks and Protection Objectives
  • 5G Core Security Architecture
  • 5G Core Security Solution

5G Cloud Infrastructure Security Solution

  • Security Challenges and Protection Requirements
  • Platform Security
  • Network Security
  • Security Detection and Protection

5G Network Slicing Security

  • Definition and Application of 5G Network Slicing
  • Slicing Security Threats
  • Slice Access Security
  • Slice Isolation Security
  • Slice Management Security
  • Slicing Cases

5G MEC Security Solution

  • Introduction to MEC Service Scenarios
  • MEC Security Architecture
  • MEC Security as a Service
  • MEC Security Management

5G Communication Capability Exposure Security

  • Background of 5G Network Capability Exposure
  • Introduction to 5G Communication Capability Exposure
  • Approaches of 5G Security Capability Exposure
  • 5G SECaaS Capability Exposure

Training Fee


Your registration is subject to application approval and availability. Registration deadline: September 25, 2023

Certification Exam

A practice certification exam may be undertaken at the end of this course. To obtain the Huawei global HCS-5G Cybersecurity Certification will require sitting the certification exam at a 3rd party examination center.

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