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8 hours of instructor-led, online training
1-year access to the official study guide & practical lab
ISACA officially authorized instructor
Practice test questions & assignments
1 exam voucher + 3 retakes
Globally available and accessible classrooms

Start learning Artificial Intelligence now

Join our Official ISACA Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals Certificate Training that helps you build an understanding of AI concepts, principles and uses. Learn how to utilize essential software and algorithms to leverage AI’s applications and potential to streamline your career by automating complex tasks. Swiss Cyber Institute will guide you during your exam preparation journey.

Our course offers the benefits of online, instructor-led professional training with flexible learning over a span of 2 weeks, providing globally accessible classrooms.

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27 June 2024

17:30 - 18:30


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    2 weeks / 8 hours of blended learning (online classes + self-paced studying)

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    What’s Included

    Everything you need to pass the AI Fundamentals Exam

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    Official Partner

    Swiss Cyber Institute is an accredited training partner with ISACA

Artificial intelligence has acted as the main driver of emerging technologies like big data, robotics and IoT, and it will continue to act as a technological innovator for the foreseeable future—opening many career opportunities for professionals who understand how it impacts business and are versed in the technologies that drive this important emerging tech domain. Prove your understanding of artificial intelligence concepts, principles and implementations with a certification program that proves your emerging technology expertise.

What you will learn with Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals:

1. AI Principals, Concepts and Potencial Uses
2. Essential Software and Algorithms for AI Applications and Possibilities
3. AI Associated Risks and Ethical Requirements

Swiss Cyber Institute's AI Fundamentals training seminar, led by an ISACA authorized Swiss instructor, would cover these three domains in-depth, providing participants with a comprehensive understanding of the critical AI skills, best practices, and real-world applications. Our course includes lectures, discussions, practical examples, case studies, and practice exams to help you prepare for the Artificial Intelligence Certificate exam. Passing this exam demonstrates your understanding of basic AI concepts, as well as AI applications in business and private life, risks and ethics.

2024 training schedules:

Q3 - Start Date: August 15, 2024

Q3 - Start Date: October 10, 2024

This certificate is ideal for entrants or practitioners in any field of information systems. The ever-increasing need for practitioners in artificial intelligence, machine learning and governance make the certificate particularly relevant and valuable for:

  • Professionals seeking foundational knowledge in artificial intelligence topics and functions
  • Entrants into the IT profession
  • Technology professionals looking for hands-on skills in real world applications of artificial intelligence.

If your business has multiple employees in need of Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals training, our online group training solutions can be customized to meet your team's unique needs and goals. Our instructors are current-day practitioners and industry certified, bringing their proven tech experience and expertise to you and your colleagues.

ISACA’s performance-based Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals Certified in Emerging Technology™ (CET) Certification Stack aims to enable you to:

  • Explain the characteristics of artificial intelligence and gain hands-on skills with machine learning and robotic process automation
  • Define statistical sampling populations, methods, statistical modeling, regression and how they apply to AI
  • Enhance your resume/CV strength and prominence to recruiters

The Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals Certificate affirms your knowledge and skills in key concepts, standards and real-world applications of AI topics.

1. What is the Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals Certificate training?

This course introduces you to AI, a growing and rapidly changing field that is becoming increasingly vital to business survival, job stability, and national security.


2. How much does the Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals Certificate training cost?

The final price is CHF 590.


3. Who is this course intended for?

A wide-range of individuals, including:

  • Those new to IT, students, recent graduates and career changers looking to differentiate themselves from other job candidates
  • IT Audit, risk, security and governance professionals looking to gain a fundamental understanding of emerging technology knowledge and skills.
  • Current IT Professionals looking to upskill and to broaden their IT knowledge and skills or keep up-to-date with emerging technologies


4. How many CPE will I receive?

This certificate awards approximately 1 hour of CPE for every 1 hour of instructor led training.


5. How do I apply for the course?

Click here to register: Campus


6. What are the most important details about the exam?

There are no prerequisites. You can register for the Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals exam at any time. The online, remotely proctored 2-hour exam blends both knowledge (multiple choice) and performance-based questions set in a virtual lab environment.

To pass the exam, you must earn a score of 65% or higher.

Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals exam eligibility is required to schedule and take an exam. Eligibility is established at the time of exam registration and is good for twelve months. Exam registration and payment are required before you can schedule and take an exam. These are the key steps to scheduling your Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals exam.

Our AI Fundamentals training features

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    Online, Instructor-led professional training

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    Latest official ISACA course digital kits

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    Flexible Learning in 2 weeks

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    ISACA authorized exam instructor

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    Globally available and accessible classrooms

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    Four exam vouchers

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    Career coaching in Switzerland

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    ISACA official practice test questions

AI Fundamentals Training Testimonials

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Simon Frei

Systems Engineer

The course’s practical approach to AI and machine learning has given me the confidence to implement new technologies at work. The instructors were knowledgeable and the online resources provided were invaluable. Great for any IT professional looking to make a significant impact in their role.

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Lena Miller

Cybersecurity Analyst

As an IT professional seeking to stay ahead in my field, the AI Fundamentals course at Swiss Cyber Institute was a game changer. It not only broadened my understanding of AI applications in cybersecurity but also enhanced my career prospects. Highly recommend for anyone looking to upskill in AI!

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Eva Lang

Data Analyst

Completing the AI Fundamentals course has notably enhanced my CV, and I've already seen a difference in how recruiters view my profile. The certificate is not just a piece of paper—it's a testament to my updated, competitive skill set in today’s tech-driven market

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Team Training

Are several of your team members interested in ISACA AI Fundamentals certification? Our enterprise solutions specialists will create a package of training that fits your organization’s specific training needs. We can accommodate group training packages for as few as five to as many as thousands of team members spread across the globe.


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