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3 Reasons Why You Should Think about Cyber Expo of Switzerland

While the common goal of events is to bring people together to achieve a mutual purpose, the way events are done depends on several factors such as budget, timeline, attendees geolocation and many more. Organizers now think ahead and consider options for 2021 and beyond, one of which is obviously virtual events. In its simplest definition, virtual events use web-based platforms to connect thousands of attendees from across the world and involve interactive engagement features. It gives us immense pleasure to walk you through our virtual event – Cyber Expo of Switzerland – which is going to push your business to the next level. You have at least 3 reasons why you should think about participating in the Swiss cyber expo.

An exclusive platform to showcase your innovative solutions

2021 is your year of opportunity and it is time to do business again. How about if you were to find new customers and generate demand by displaying your products and services in a result-oriented exhibition? By exhibiting your solutions on the Cyber Expo of Switzerland, you will have a unique chance to reach out to global customers. Our audience ranges from SMEs, mid-size to large FTSE 500 organisations from DACH, Europe, Middle East Africa and South Asia, CIS, APAC and South America regions. Whether you want to own a booth, or host an event on our virtual expo, you will be able to introduce your business to professionals whose profile range from Chief Information Officers, Cyber Security Analyst, C-Level management to Data Protection Officers, Senior IT Consultants, IT Security Engineers.

Furthermore, you will find in one place the most prominent exhibitors of Cyber Expo of Switzerland. The exhibitors comprise leading high-end names from the following business verticals: encryption, digital forensics, endpoint security, access management, incident response, mobile security, payment security, security automation, supply chain management, vulnerability assessment and many more. 

Here are 3 reasons why you must start thinking about Cyber Expo of Switzerland. 

1. Increased attendee engagement

Swiss Cyber Forum’s vision is to offer the virtual event by creating an inspiring and interactive user experience that energises attendees. How exactly do we increase attendee engagement? Excellent question indeed. We value interactivity, namely we want attendees to interact with the exhibitors, so they feel like they are an integral part of the discussion. We offer bidirectional conversation to you via powerful chat tools and Q&A sessions which will create an even more active learning environment.

2. More value for exhibitors

It is obvious that through virtual events exhibitors can save a ton of money on travel, promotional items, and other pricey expenses. The reduced cost of virtual exhibiting allows many exhibitors to participate. What is more, virtual events have longer lifespans compared with their physical counterparts. Physical events usually last 1 to several days, whereas the Cyber Expo of Switzerland will be live 365 days a year.

3. The Swiss way of delivering sterling experience

We are working tirelessly to bring convincing and sustainable solutions to the market. Uniqueness, reliability and quality are only three words that depict our virtual cyber expo. Our initiative focuses on unlocking the very potential of the Swiss and global technologies to increase the mutual benefits in 2021 and in the years to come.

Get more ROI with Cyber Expo of Switzerland

There are many positives for Cyber Expo of Switzerland and our decision to pivot to a virtual event. We passionately invite you to discover a new way to expand, reach your audience and more importantly, increase ROI by joining our virtual event. Do you want to make a commitment to forward-thinking with unlimited potential? Contact us now and let’s discuss the next steps.