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5 Cyber Security Movies You Should Watch in 2021

Can there ever be a list of TOP 5 cyber security movies to rule them all? These are the cyber security-related movies we love and deem important. By the way, have you checked our previous blog post called 5 Best Cyber Security Documentaries You Must Watch in 2021? The listed movies and our opinions on them are all subjective. Also, please be informed that some plot details are discussed, but the ending of any listed movie is not given away. There will be movies you think must be included in this list. That is great! If we missed something, feel free to tell us in the comments below. Now, let’s go through the TOP 5 cyber security movies you should watch in 2021.

Snowden (2016)

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Is former National Security Agency analyst Edward Snowden a courageous, whistleblowing patriot or an obnoxious traitor? That question lies at the heart of director Oliver Stone’s effort, a ripped-from-the-news biopic bearing Snowden’s surname and chronicling his inarguably spectacular narrative.

The movie follows the gripping factual story of Edward Snowden, who released massive swathes of info about his country’s intention to hack private information from anywhere around the globe. Like the 2014 documentary Citizen Four by Laura Poitras, the film follows the footsteps of Snowden locked away in a hotel room for eight days in Hong Kong after meeting with Poitras and Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald to hand over evidence of the programmes.

As the movie delivers the story, Snowden slowly becomes disillusioned with some of the slippery tactics of his CIA superiors. Eventually, he feels disturbed when he discovers the scope of the surveillance masterminded by the government. In one discussion with his mentor, his boss says to him that the government programs have obviated serious catastrophes, but oppositely Snowden claims that citizens must hold the knowledge of what is happening before relinquishing their freedoms.

In fact, the movie has a deep-focus perspective, making it one of the most engaging cyber security movies you must watch in 2021. Watch the movie on iTunes or Amazon Video.

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Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World (2016)

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In this movie, Werner Herzog, Oscar-nominated producer, poses a question to computer specialists and the audience: “Does the Internet dream of itself?” It is a profoundly considerate and still interesting investigation of the relationships between humans and computers. The movie was produced in 2016 and Herzog experiences a mix of awe and apprehension as he examines a fundamentally evolving world that is increasingly existing online. As you watch it, you will be led on a journey through a series of provocative conversations that unveil the ways in which the online world has changed how essentially everything in the physical world works.

The movie is full of curiosity and sympathy, some of the scenes are astonishing, some are entertaining, and some are saddening. After watching this multi-dimensional movie, you will certainly realise the fact that the director’s curiosity and wonder for the mysteries of our world are boundless. After all, “Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World” deserves to be credited as one of the best movies about cyber security. Watch the movie on iTunes or Amazon Video.

Swordfish (2001)

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Directed by Dominic Sena, an American film director, “Swordfish” centers on the mysterious bad guy and superrich master criminal Gabriel Shear (played by John Travolta), who wants the ex-con computer hacker, Stanley (played by Hugh Jackman) to help him pull off an electronic heist of $9.5 billion in dirty government money. In this movie, the director allows a few obvious flaws to slip through and does not quite comprehend how to milk optimal suspense from big action sequences. Nevertheless, he does capture tons of nuance from his actors. On the other hand, the filmmakers astutely exploit the audiences’ expectations by initially positioning Gabriel as a felonious villain, and Stanley as an unwilling Everyman-hero, later adding numerous layers that startle those expectations.

The filmmakers exploit the world of hackers as an excellent backdrop for a complicated thriller, and they succeed in visualizing cyberspace as a creepy milieu defended by firewalls, passwords and high-level security systems. In short, the plot of the movie is wonderful and it is not just a typical heist movie. Looking for a high-tech movie that is geared with some neat computer graphics? Then, “Swordfish” is one of the best cyber security movies you can find. Watch the movie on iTunes or Amazon Video.

Antitrust (2001)

What if a Microsoft-like giant was restraining the small guys by stealing their software and squashing them? In this movie, Gary Winston (played by Tim Robbins), is the CEO of a giant software company named NURV, that stands for Never Underestimate Radical Vision. He has earned a fortune flooding the market with substandard copies of rivals’ products. As a thriller, the plot has many twists and turns which are surprising but, in hindsight, far from plausible.

Director Peter Howitt‘s movie is entertaining in an implausible sort of way. The movie slowly degenerates into somewhat conventional thriller material, with chases, deadly stalkings within dark interior places, desperate sesame-seed allergy experiments, and many more. The movie runs for an hour and 48 minutes, and towards the end, you will be left with an argument saying that software code must not to be copyrighted because human knowledge is the property of our world. Watch the movie on iTunes or Amazon Video.

Reboot (2012)

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Directed and written by Joe Kawasaki“Reboot” is a cyber thriller movie that puts forward the idea that whoever is in control of the global network, is in control of the world. The movie opens up with Stat waking up bruised and bloodied from an apparent break-in. She does not remember anything, and all she knows is that she was beaten up. Apparently, there is a phone glued to her hand that displays a countdown. She, then, receives a Skype call from her hacker friends, and together they strive to understand what happens when that scripted timer hits zero. Who is she? Why has she become an extension of the device?

Because this movie runs for only 40 minutes, many questions are actually left unanswered and some ideas are underdeveloped. Nevertheless, this movie is fast-paced with intelligent thought and proper dialogue. Therefore, this should not deter fans of cyber security movies from watching this wonderfully tense short movie with very good acting.