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7 Cyber Security Books You Should Be Reading in 2021

Want to maintain your sense of discovery, but not sure what to read? Look no further! We have picked 7 brilliant cyber security books you need to know about.

We spend the majority of our time on the internet reading short snippets of information about cyber security which makes it difficult to really understand the holistic view. Reading books, however, is an excellent way to get some additional and unique insight into the industry. Are you excited to read more in 2021? We have picked the most popular cyber security books and put together the list below.

1. Permanent Record

cyber security books for beginners

Author: Edward Snowden

Release year: 2019

Pages: 352

Permanent Record showcases the story of Edward Snowden’s life leading up to the time he blew the whistle on the US government. Edward Snowden was so bothered by what he witnessed as an invasion of citizens’ privacy, the secretive intrusion by the government into our lives.

Snowden details his journey from beginning to end which starts with his fascination with technology and hacking, a will to serve his own country, ending up working in the intelligence community, and his growing anxiety with finding out the National Security Agency’s practices of unlawful mass surveillance on a scale that was extraordinary.

We all use technology, and most of us are doing it excessively, hence this fascinating and supremely engaging real-life read is quite relevant for every person out there. You can find this book on Amazon.

2. Future Crimes: Everything Is Connected, Everyone Is Vulnerable and What We Can Do About It

best books to read for cyber security

Author: Marc Goodman

Release year: 2015

Pages: 608

Future Crimes takes an in-depth look at stories of different crimes and explains what the crimes are and why they are possible to commit. It covers more venues of computer crime, as you will be taken into the underworld of the Internet. You may even find this book to be frightening because it reveals the actuality of the new world.

The author worryingly mentions that the authorities always lag behind in the race to discover security threats. Simply, the information you are going to read about our world and technology will drive you to be more vigilant and careful about your digital footprint. You can find this book on Amazon.

3. Kingpin: How One Hacker Took Over the Billion-Dollar Cybercrime Underground

books to learn cyber security

Author: Kevin Poulsen

Release year: 2012

Pages: 266

Kingpin describes the life of the most San Francisco-based notorious computer hacker named Max Butler. He is the guy responsible for stealing about 2 million credit card numbers from banks, businesses, and even other hackers, which were used to rack up $86 million in fraudulent charges.

The author himself is a former computer hacker and throughout the book, he sheds light on the advanced attack methods of the individuals involved in this massive criminal enterprise, the security holes in both hardware systems that serve as an open door to those with the computing skills to exploit them. Are you interested in cybercrime, hacking, online and banking security? If yes, this action novel that is filled with tons of real-life tidbits is going to be an interesting read for you. You can buy this book on Amazon.

4. The Innovators: How a Group of Hackers, Geniuses, and Geeks Created the Digital Revolution

cyber security and ethical hacking books

Author: Walter Isaacson

Release year: 2015

Pages: 560

This book will really take you through the various branches of innovations that have led to the digital life we have today. The story in that book began over 150 years ago with Ada Lovelace, daughter of Lord Byron, whose interest in calculating machines, algorithms, and music, and her collaboration with Charles Babbage, a mathematician, and inventor would be the genesis of the digital age.

In fact, there has been a myriad of books written on the subject of the digital era. But Walter Isaacson’s “The Innovators” is different in the sense that he takes a thorough look at the innovators, the hackers, and the geeks and what they did and did not do to extend their contributions. You can buy it now on Amazon.

5. The Fifth Domain: Defending Our Country, Our Companies, and Ourselves in the Age of Cyber Threats

books for learning cyber security

Author: Richard A. Clarke

Release year: 2019

Pages: 352

Unlike many other books written about cybersecurity that depict the terrifying landscape of the cyber world, “The Fifth Domain” gives a unique insight into how a government agency works, and how they fight to maintain its domain. The book also covers the stories of the Stuxnet virus that infected the Iranian nuclear agency.

You will enjoy how they make very solid suggestions on how the government, private organisations, as well as individuals can enhance their cyber security practices. We recommend this book as it is highly likely that your beliefs on what you may or may not know about cybersecurity are going to be challenged. You can this book on Amazon.

6. Spam Nation

cyber security books for beginners

Author: Brian Krebs

Release year: 2014

Pages: 320

“Spam Nation” will introduce you to the accurate picture of the spam underworld and its kingpins. What makes this book particularly interesting is that it will also help you thoroughly understand the political environment, especially in Russia, which has created fertile ground for spam.

Of course, after reading several chapters about malware and spamming, you will naturally want to protect yourself. That is what the last chapter is all about, as it shares some advice on how you can protect yourself from cybercrime. You can find this book on Amazon.

7. Cybersecurity Is Everybody’s Business: Solve the Security Puzzle for Your Small Business and Home

cyber security books amazon

Author: Scott N. Schober

Release year: 2019

Pages: 338

This book will take you through an interesting cyber security journey on how to mitigate risk, provides examples of organisations that fallen victim to cyberattacks, and what to expect in the future. Are you a student and tremendously interested in cyber security? Then, this is an ideal book for you.

The author will take you inside of some of the biggest cybersecurity crimes, like Equifax, to illustrate to you how things can derail when adequate cyber security precautions are not maintained. You can buy this book on Amazon.