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9 Cyber Security TED Talks You Must Not Miss

Summertime is vacation time for many of us where we are relaxing. But how about investing your vacation time in doing something amazing to feel empowered and intelligent? We wanted to make your time more worthwhile and help you upgrade yourself with the help of new content. We compiled a list of 9 cyber security TED talks you must watch this summer.

Where is cybercrime really coming from?

In this TED talk, Caleb Barlow, who previously held the position of Vice President, Threat Intelligence at IBM Security delves into the massive profits of cyber-crime. He also touches on the incompetence of our strategies to safeguard our information, sharing his solution that we have to respond to cyber threats with the same collective effort as we apply to a crisis in healthcare.

The five laws of cybersecurity

Nick Espinosa is known as an industry thought leader and sought after for his advice on the future of technology and how it will impact everyday businesses and consumers. In this cyber security TED talk, he delivers an important message without descending into too much jargon. Everything is vulnerable, and although it may sound paranoid, it is best to be proactive in cyber security whilst understanding the limitations of existing protective measures. Believe us, you will find this talk to be punchy.

The humanity behind cybersecurity attacks

Mark Burnette is Shareholder-In-Charge of LBMC Information Security, a leading IT Security firm that helps clients build and maintain security programs. Do you know the number #1 factor behind the most successful security breaches? It is a human failure! Unfortunately, human failure in cyber security is often neglected which results in dangerous consequences. In this talk, Mark discusses the human characteristics that hackers abuse to execute cyber attacks. Unfortunately, a human failure in cyber security is often neglected which results in dangerous consequences.

Hire the hackers!

Misha Glenny argues that instead of jailing hackers, the governments have to be hiring them for their talent. Misha is a sought-after keynote speaker on cyber security and organised crime with a rich background in criminology and geopolitics. In this talk, he tries to demonstrate that cyber criminals are valuable hackers, but on the wrong side of the fence.

Cybersecurity every day

Jaya Baloo, currently Chief Information Security Officer at Avast Software has worked in the cybersecurity area for nearly 20 years. She is also an expert on quantum computing. In this cyber security TED talk, she dives into cyber security and its effect on our day-to-day lives.

I ♡ Cyber Security

In this video, Tom Hofmann discusses why cyber security does not become more efficient as technology develops, and how human-centered innovation can be leveraged to attain a joint optimization of complex social and technical systems. Tom is a cyber-security enthusiast with a passion for innovation and combines about 20 years of security expertise with scientific knowledge to support people and organisations towards better security. Several months ago, we also did an interview with Tom Hofmann where he talked about human-centered security and how it is essentially different from the traditional model of security.

The 1s and 0s behind cyber warfare

In this talk, Chris Domas talks about how researchers utilise pattern recognition and reverse engineering to understand a chunk of binary code whose purpose they are now aware of. Ones and zeros – it is what we call binary information.

All your devices can be hacked

Avi Rubin, Professor of Computer Science at Johns Hopkins University, explains how hackers compromise cars, smartphones and medical devices, and warns us about the dangers of an increasingly hackable world. His research is focused on the security of electronic records, including medical and voting records.

Your human firewall – the answer to the cyber security problem

Personal data is what has the potential to drive the economy of tomorrow. But sometimes we are sharing too much of our information. In this engaging security talk, Rob May proposes that we have to build our human firewall in an age where much of our lives is online. He presents complicated subjects straightforward in a captivating style by using real-life examples and pragmatism, which will make you think about your online behaviour.