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AI as a growing threat for Cybersecurity

Artificial Intelligence or simply AI is a broad term for computer systems that can sense the environment and perform human-like tasks. Thanks to the advanced algorithms and increased data volumes, AI has become more popular now.

But there is currently a major debate going on about whether AI is positively or negatively affecting cybersecurity. Meaning that as a dual-use technology, AI can be executed defensively or offensively.

On the one hand, AI poses massive benefits for businesses to combat against cybercrime, so that keeping their infrastructure and customers safe.

On the other hand, AI has a huge potential to serve as a weapon for criminals who can improve their techniques to steal sensitive data. Attackers are always one step ahead of defenders, so, unfortunately, with the help of AI, cybercriminals can get more creative, and potentially become AI-proof.

For example, the malware that is controlled by AI can easily avoid security detection, and adapt itself better to the target. Worse yet, AI-enabled malware can be harder to detect, and it could deliver more targeted malware in a matter of seconds.

AI has become a prime security tool, and we, indeed, cannot deny the fact that AI-driven approaches play an important role in the ongoing fight against cybercrime. Given that the adversaries can deploy AI to automate the specific tasks that involve executing cyberattacks on a massive scale, this significant issue can possibly lead to new types of cyber threats.

AI can infiltrate into a system or network much faster than a human can, so it can change the very nature of existing cyber threats.

Cybersecurity and AI will continue to evolve, but so will the adversarial use of AI in malicious ways by attackers to access the personal data. Pernicious use of AI could threaten all parties, including political and physical security.

AI now is on the hands of “bad actors”, therefore organizations should defend themselves against the weaponization of AI. In that sense, cyber defenders must understand the main implications of the malicious use of AI.