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Cyber Expo of Switzerland: Exhibit Your Innovations

Solutions to a business’s problems are not always geographically constrained. One of the benefits of many events and expos going virtual is that it opens up the doors for many businesses and individuals to find the solution to their problems online, and therefore, to directly interact with solution-providers that they would not have thought of before. Many people may claim that virtual events do not completely replace real-life events, however, Switzerland’s 365-day Virtual Cyber Security Expo is going to be a game-changer and push your business to the next level.

Some features of cyber expo of Switzerland

It is no secret that at a real-life event it is not easy to see everything on offer and there is usually something you miss mostly because you run out of time. Our cyber expo will be much less tiring and more productive. Additionally, physical trade shows are usually busy and loud, and they may not always be accessible to everybody. We completely remove physical barriers, meaning that by entering our cyber expo you can make use of the accessibility tools you need to gain information and navigate. Last but not least, we can assure you that you will be impressed by the variety of exhibitors (ranging from established corporations to smaller companies) that are going to attend the event.

What does the cyber expo of Switzerland offer to you?

We aim to help you meet with qualified visitors from all over the world and help you identify new audiences that are most likely to be interested in what you offer. We replicate the feel of a physical event and guide visitors through a pleasant online experience. Our virtual cyber expo requires no downloads or specific browsers, thus it can be enjoyed on both mobile and desktop devices. What’s more, our uniqueness lies in our powerful chat tools that will enable seamless two-way communication between exhibitors and visitors, giving them the best experience possible. The following are some of the most important benefits you will receive by attending our cyber expo.

Configured exhibition stands

Present your product innovations via 3D simulation at your individually tailored booth and offer relevant information material such as videos, brochures and data sheets directly for download. This is the versatile marketing instrument that helps you enhance your cyber expo experience. 

Significant cost reduction whilst lowering environmental impact

Our cyber expo makes it easy for you to provide prospects with downloadable materials, hence you save money on printing. Furthermore, the money you pay for your space is not affording you a couple of days, instead, it is buying a 365-days marketing platform. More importantly, Swiss Cyber Forum puts sustainability first and does its part to reduce any negative impacts of its events on the environment.

Worldwide exchange

Our cyber expo offers global availability and independence of time and place to you. In other words, your product will be exhibited in front of a worldwide customer base without the extreme cost of attending trade shows overseas.

Networking opportunities

Over 70 exhibitors will be featured in our virtual cyber expo. Visitors can book one-on-one appointments or speak directly with exhibitors about several topics such as products features, industry trends, and promotional opportunities.

A wider audience

Who does not want to build a reputation and reach people with a special interest in their particular niche? Targeting your intended audience with a cyber expo of Switzerland will be as much effective as possible, thanks to our SEO, social media and email marketing efforts, PR campaigns, sponsored content, and banner ads that will extend your reach like you never imagined before.

Direct access to the annual premium Cyber Tech Vendor Report

Switzerland’s first annual Cyber Tech Vendor Report will be published in 2021, as the largest collection of cyber security vendors to date. The cyber tech vendor space is a relatively obscure assembly of tech offerings, designed to help leveraging in part with the IT and Security profession.

Get future-ready with cyber expo of Switzerland

After a year of missed opportunities, it is time to do business again. Find your most qualified leads and generate buzz by displaying your products and services in a cost-effective way in Swiss Cyber Forum’s Virtual Cyber Security Expo of Switzerland. Do you need more information about the exhibitors’ and visitors’ profile, please download the cyber expo brochure.