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Cyber Security Infographic: List of Cyber Attacks [May 2021]

Do you know what is the most problematic element of cyber security? Yes, it is the constantly evolving nature of cyber attacks. A cyber attack refers to an attack executed from a computer against a computer system or individual computer that compromises the confidentiality, integrity, or availability (CIA) of the information stored on it. Unfortunately, the information your organisation is holding can be compromised in numerous ways. Malicious or accidental actions, insider threats, the failure of software are only some of them. Are you trying to better understand the different attack vectors and how organisations have been hacked? Perfect! The visually pleasing cyber security infographic we share below shows 7 cyber attacks that happened in May 2021. Now, let’s get dive into it.

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Cyber Security Infographic List of Cyber Attacks [May 2021]