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Cyberspace vs. Cybersecurity

It is impossible to imagine our modern lives without the internet, as it has turned our existence upside down. It has revolutionized the way we form a relationship and the way we communicate – it changed our lifestyle dramatically.

This global network which is made through linking smaller networks of computers is always confused with the term cyberspace. These 2 terms are indeed closely interrelated, however, cyberspace is the figurative space that exists within the extent of the internet. Simply speaking, cyberspace is a virtual space that has no boundaries, and this world has already stormed into everyday parlance.

As technology advanced and cyberspace has turned out to be central to global information, the security of cyberspace has become a more urgent priority. Unfortunately, our constantly growing reliance on cyberspace is generating new vulnerabilities, therefore the online environment has been subjected to cyber threats.

Many people around the world are using the internet for illegal activities, which is something we call cybercrime. Eventually, the governments understood the need of introducing cyber laws, which summarises legal issues concerning the use of communicative and distributive facets of networked information. Although different countries have their own cyber laws, and they avert cybercrimes in their own way, all of them intend to prevent and recover from malicious cyber activities that cause significant harm to individuals and critical infrastructure.

On that basis, governments and industries are coming together to foster trust and security in cyberspace. It should also be stated that an effective cybersecurity ecosystem goes beyond the traditional institutional boundaries, and it concerns several agencies and functions.

Cyberspace is the part of our material universe, and it is everywhere. Although we cannot physically see it, it is fundamentally important to everybody. Cyberspace represents a new environment that enables people to communicate, learn and comprehend in a way or ways never before envisioned.