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Looking for an All-in-One Virtual Event? Meet Cyber Expo of Switzerland

Did you know that 92% of event marketers plan to incorporate virtual events into their event strategy? We are witnessing virtual events becoming more widely adopted, thanks to their numerous benefits. On May 1st of 2021, we will be launching our very own virtual expo – Cyber Expo of Switzerland – full of important topic conversations and magic moments. We understand that your businesses need new ways to meet with buyers of your solutions. Therefore, it is important to use all the technologies available and maintain secure business continuity. Attending our cyber expo is one of the steps in that direction.

Become a part of memorably epic experience

Swiss Cyber Forum‘s virtual expo promises to provide all the business networking opportunities that you were used to as part of the physical event but with no requirement to be physically existent at the exhibition venue. Our virtual environment is structured like a real event venue, offering you an intuitive navigation experience.

cyber expo switzerland

We use an innovative technology platform to make sure that you as an exhibitor will get highly configurable booth designs to exhibit your solutions for maximum engagement among attendees whilst creating a unique brand experience. We hear you asking: “Why I should think about Cyber Expo of Switzerland?”. No worries, we got you covered. We are striving to deliver a Swiss way of outstanding experience while at the same time, helping you increase attendee engagement. In our previous article, we have outlined 3 reasons why you must start thinking about Cyber Expo of Switzerland in 2021.

You are in experienced hands

We are building an event where visitors can move in & out of rooms just like an in-person event and fully enjoy the content we create for them. If you are looking forward to finding your most qualified leads and generate buzz by displaying your solutions, then you are in the right place. Feel free to reach out to us at expo[@]swisscyberforum[dot]com and we would happily assist you.