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ICT Specialists are in high demand in Switzerland

Did you know that over 117,900 Information and Communication Technology (ICT) specialists will be needed in Switzerland by 2028? This big number poses a huge challenge for the overall economy. Digital technologies are constantly evolving and the ICT sector is of strategic economic importance to Switzerland. Therefore, the number above is calling for proactive measures to support the growth potential of the ICT sector. In this article, you will learn about the market for ICT specialists in Switzerland as well as about the employment trends in the ICT sector.

Demand forecast for 2028

The digitization of the economy is one of the pivotal determinants behind the profound transformation of the labor market and the way people work. In fact, the impacts of digitization on the labor market are multiple. For example, in many geographies, digitization of the economy contributes to the polarization of the labor market. Secondly, digitization is known to bring transformation in the existing jobs, and this happens through the change of work practices over time. Additionally, what we have been seeing is that digitization is creating new job opportunities, leading to an increased demand in manpower.

According to the study by ICT Vocational Training Switzerland, total of 117.900 ICT specialists will be needed by 2028. To satisfy this demand, over 35.000 specialists would have to be trained over the next 8 years. A deficit of ICT specialists affects the whole economy. Skill deficit or shortage refers to instances when the demand for a specific skill surpasses the supply of available people with that skill at market-clearing wage rates.

The market for ICT specialists in Switzerland

ICT companies in Switzerland think internationally about the supply of skills. As well as considering new graduates to cover the high demand, they also think of immigrant ICT specialists entering the labor market in Switzerland to meet their labor supply needs.

The market for ICT skills in Switzerland is changing. On the one hand, demand for ICT specialists is strong, and employers become more demanding about the skills they require. On the other hand, the majority of ICT specialists are to be found in quite different branches of the economy or in public administration. It is important that the sector continues to enhance productivity, and to aim for a more balanced gender ratio in the ICT professions.

ICT Specialists are in High Demand in Switzerland

Recommendations from the Swiss Cyber Forum

Swiss Cyber Forum, a global digital community that assists society in understanding and preventing the cyber risks, understands labor demand and labor supply in Switzerland. Therefore, we would like to outline 3 recommendations that may significantly help to meet future demand.

  1. A more strategic approach regarding the needed skills is imperative. It must start with highlighting the main strategic role that the ICT sector plays in Switzerland’s long-term prosperity. All stakeholders, including employers and their representative bodies, need to work jointly to establish a coherent message aimed at not only students but also parents and even career counsellors.

  2. Preparing more graduates with domain-specific knowledge. It is no secret that many tech companies are looking for people with expertise both in tech and in business. Employers with these skills or knowledge hold positions within business analysis, product management, sales etc. A broad knowledge of business is indeed beneficial, but what companies now need are individuals who have domain-specific knowledge. Examples for that may include: manufacturing technology and banking industry technology.

  3. Ultimate care must be given to employeesprofessional development training. Institutions should intensively engage with organisations within different sectors to provide comprehensive and accredited training course options to satisfy the responsive needs of those organisations and their employees. Constant learning is critical. This can be delivered via several options, such as in-company training, online training or part-time specialised courses.

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