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Is your Cloud Provider secure?

Cloud computing continues to change how the organizations handle, store, and share data. It also helps businesses secure networks and applications from malevolent attacks, sophisticated cybercriminals, and advanced consistent threats. 

Implementing the cloud to store the data as well as other assets proposes numerous benefits in respect of access and scalability. But the cloud, on the other hand, presents certain security risks. 

As more mission-critical applications integrate towards the cloud, data privacy and software security are considered to be growing concerns. In that sense, the growing digital identity of all businesses and the growing trends of IoT have resulted in enormous growth in sophisticated cyberattacks, therefore creating the urgent need for more cloud-based security services.

The following are the most common problems holding cloud adoption back:

  • Data security: it possibly ranks as a top and the most widespread cloud security concern. It happens when an unauthorized user gets access to sensitive data and can view or copy it.
  • Denial of Service (DoS): it poses significant risks to cloud providers, including reputational damage and exposure of customer data. These attacks can potentially shut down the cloud services, making them temporarily unavailable to users.
  • Insecure APIs: even though the IT systems are safe, often third-party services may introduce extra cloud security risks. APIs are like the “front door” to the applications and systems, so the cybercriminals use these as initial entry points.
  • Account hijacking: even if employees use strong and non-predictable passwords, criminals can still get access to confidential data. As a result, they can steal or manipulate the company’s data and compromise the confidentiality.

Security is still the greatest perceived obstacle to further cloud adoption. Whether the organization was born in the cloud or is integrating into the cloud, they have to consider cloud adoption concerns. 

All in all, the cloud has created a whole new frontier for storage, access, and productivity, it has also created a new world of concerns as regards security risks.