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Swiss Cyber Institute joins digitalswitzerland as a Member

Zürich, Switzerland, June 14, 2023 – The Swiss Cyber Institute, a leading education provider dedicated to promoting cybersecurity excellence and fostering a secure digital ecosystem, is thrilled to announce its membership with digitalswitzerland, a Swiss-wide, cross-industry initiative that aims to transform Switzerland into a leading digital nation. Furthermore, Samir Aliyev, Swiss Cyber Institute Founder and CEO, and Academic Program Director of CAS Data Protection Officer and Cyber Security for Leaders Programs of the Executive School of Management, Technology and Law at the University of St. Gallen, has been appointed as a member of the digitalswitzerland Cybersecurity Committee.

“Joining digitalswitzerland is a significant milestone for the Swiss Cyber Institute. We are excited to collaborate with some of the most influential organizations and professionals in Switzerland to create a secure and thriving digital environment,” said Samir, Founder and CEO of the Swiss Cyber Institute. “I am honored to serve on the digitalswitzerland Cybersecurity Committee and look forward to working closely with fellow committee members to enhance cybersecurity practices, build strong partnerships, and elevate Switzerland’s cyber defense and education capabilities. Our education-focused approach will be a key component in shaping a resilient digital future for our nation.”

Through its membership with digitalswitzerland, the Swiss Cyber Institute seeks to amplify its impact by collaborating with a diverse network of like-minded organizations, sharing best practices, and collectively addressing pressing cybersecurity challenges. The appointment of Samir Aliyev to the digitalswitzerland Cybersecurity Committee reflects his remarkable expertise and industry leadership. As a committee member, Samir will play an important role in shaping Switzerland’s cybersecurity strategy, driving collaboration among stakeholders, while ensuring the highest standards of cybersecurity education.

About Swiss Cyber Institute:

The Swiss Cyber Institute offers comprehensive training and access to an exclusive global cybersecurity community while hosting international conferences that build bridges between security professionals, business experts, and academics. With a focus on fostering innovation, knowledge exchange, and partnerships, the institute aims to create a secure digital ecosystem by empowering organizations and individuals to defend against cyber threats. For more information, please visit

About digitalswitzerland:

digitalswitzerland is a Swiss-wide, cross-industry initiative that aims to transform Switzerland into a leading digital nation. Along with our network of 200+ members and non-political partners, including more than 1,000 top executives, we’re engaged in over 25 projects to inspire, initiate, co-create, and lead digital change in Switzerland. For more information, please visit