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Intermediate level


IT / Security professional


English language

Next Start Dates

1 November 2024

6 weeks training | 24 hours of lectures

Online Instructor-led Practical Training

4 hours live session per week | On Friday and Saturday from 14:00 to 16:00

The Certified Security Professional course is designed to provide a comprehensive training in various aspects of cybersecurity and to optimally prepare students for the Cyber Security Specialist course with the Federal Diploma Examination. The curriculum covers fundamental principles and practical skills necessary for securing systems, networks, and applications. 

Course fee: CHF 590

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Course objective

The Certified Security Professional course at Swiss Cyber Institute equips you with essential cybersecurity skills. You'll learn fundamental cybersecurity concepts, the importance of timely patch management, and best practices for keeping systems secure. Additionally, you'll gain proficiency in Linux commands and shell scripting, enhancing your technical abilities.

The course covers network security protocols, network monitoring, and intrusion detection systems (IDS). You'll learn to protect network infrastructures, analyze network traffic for threats, and secure web servers and applications. The curriculum also includes SSL/TLS encryption, certificate management, and secure SQL query writing to ensure comprehensive database security.

By the end of this course, you'll be well-prepared to tackle real-world cybersecurity challenges with confidence and expertise.

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Prerequisites / Equipments

The course requires basic computer literacy, networking knowledge, programming skills, and a fundamental awareness of cybersecurity. Previous IT experience and certifications are beneficial but not mandatory. Access to a personal computer and reliable internet is essential. 

Throughout the course, students will engage in interactive discussions, lab sessions, and group activities, ensuring a practical and in-depth learning experience. 

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Target audience

The target audience for the course is individuals interested in the field of cybersecurity, particularly those who are aspiring to become Cyber Security Specialist with Federal Diploma. This includes:

  • IT professionals: System and Networks Administrators, IT Support Technicians and IT Managers
  • Computer science students or graduates looking to enhance their security knowledge
  • Educators looking to enhance their knowledge and teaching materials in cybersecurity
  • Individuals seeking to transition into cybersecurity roles


What makes us unique?

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Real-world cyber security challenges from industry experts

All of our students are provided with a practical & personalized learning experience with over 30 international academics and experts from 10 countries. Moreover, we provide the access to the Cybersecurity Community, the Online Campus with all class recordings & materials, and live-classes to deepen the learning process and interaction.

By successfully completing the course and meeting all requirements, the Swiss Cyber Institute provides a "Certified Security Professional" certificate to all participants in an electronic format. 

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Learn anytime anywhere in Switzerland or other countries

The entire course is live and interactive. All students will have direct access to their own lab, online campus, the teacher’s screen, and the live class itself, they’ll have a big advantage over traditional face-to-face classes.

If you work full time, do not worry. We record all live sessions and recordings will be available to all students after the session with 90 days of access.

Training Fee

6 weeks online instructor-led training and examination


By successfully completing the course and meeting all requirements, the Swiss Cyber Institute provides a "Certified Security Professional" certificate to all participants in an electronic format. 

Team Training

We design tailored team training for you to strengthen your cybersecurity posture within the organization.

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