Top 7 Cybersecurity Skills Every Company Must Have in 2024

As the digital landscape evolves, so too does the spectrum of cyber threats that businesses face. From phishing scams to sophisticated state-sponsored attacks, the necessity for robust cybersecurity strategies has never been more pressing. By the end of 2024, the cost of cyber attacks on the global economy is predicted to top $10.5 trillion. Another challenge is…

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Where cybersecurity leaders meet: 4 networking events at the Global Cyber Conference 2024

Four attractive pre-conference networking events are planned in the Zurich area over the course of the year to ensure even better networking and face-to-face meetings between participants, sponsors, speakers and partners of the Global Cyber Conference 2024. These are included in the ticket package for the Global Cyber Conference in November 2024 with the Swiss…

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Global Cyber Conference 2024 with Swiss CISO Awards

Swiss Cyber Institute

The Swiss Cyber Institute is organizing the 3rd edition of its annual international cyber security conference with an enriched concept. The conference with a focus on “Cloud security, AI security and their impact on business strategies” will take place this year on 26 and 27 November 2024 at “The Dolder Grand” with the 2nd Swiss…

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Schweizer und internationale Cybersicherheitsexperten an der zweiten Global Cyber Conference


Pressemitteilung Schweizer und internationale Cybersicherheitsexperten an der zweiten Global Cyber Conference mit erstem SWISS CISO AWARDS in Zürich am 14. und 15. September 2023 Zürich – 28. August 2023 – Das Swiss Cyber Institute, Anbieter von Cybersicherheitsschulungen in der Schweiz, stellt bereits die bevorstehende zweite Ausgabe seiner jährlichen Global Cyber Conference auf die Beine. Die Veranstaltung findet…

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Cyber Expo of Switzerland: Exhibit Your Innovations

Solutions to a business’s problems are not always geographically constrained. One of the benefits of many events and expos going virtual is that it opens up the doors for many businesses and individuals to find the solution to their problems online, and therefore, to directly interact with solution-providers that they would not have thought of…

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3 Reasons Why You Should Think about Cyber Expo of Switzerland

Cybersecurity in Open Banking

While the common goal of events is to bring people together to achieve a mutual purpose, the way events are done depends on several factors such as budget, timeline, attendees geolocation and many more. Organizers now think ahead and consider options for 2021 and beyond, one of which is obviously virtual events. In its simplest definition, virtual events use web-based…

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