Cyber Crisis Management


Advanced level




English language

Course Start Dates

02 October 2024

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Workshops, role-playing exercises, and cyber wargames

Location: Zurich

Course fee: CHF 3'000

Cyber Crisis Management

About the Course

The Crisis Management training prepares participants to respond to all issues related to a Cyber Incident. This training course covers emergency tools and procedures to better respond to cyber attacks on a technical level and on a legal and organizational level.

The participants of the Crisis Management training will be able to address the fundamentals and specificities of cyber crisis management. All the information dealt with will be applied in the context of a practical case.

This is an in-person 3 full days Bootcamp training, which professors and experienced cybersecurity professionals in Zurich will help.

Seats are limited, reserve your slot today.

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Core skills you will gain

  • Skills in prevention of crises before they occur
  • Skills in application of a crisis mitigation procedure after an IT failure has been confirmed and identified
  • Skills in mobilisation of techniques, policies, procedures and means to counter it
  • Skills in improvement of the crisis management procedure in regard to experience feedback.
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Your core tasks afterwards

  • Identify notable cyber threats and differentiate between diverse types of threat actors
  • Determine the role leadership plays in implementing cybersecurity governance.
  • Select appropriate technologies to protect an organization's systems, network, and data.
  • Design cyber risk mitigation plan.
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Course Objectives

  • Structuring and mobilizing the crisis unit and key resources
  • Understanding the specificities of a cyber crisis
  • Managing and deciding in crisis situations
  • Communicating effectively in times of crisis
  • Manage the return to normal and develop the organization
  • Abilitiy to help clients and stakeholders to strengthen their cybersecurity risk management strategies.
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What you will learn

  • Introduction and fundamentals of crisis management
  • The specificities of cyber crisis management
  • Crisis communication
  • Ability to develop, implement, and lead cyber security risk management
  • Knowledge applicable laws, regulations, and standards
  • Skills to create a unique cybersecurity incident response plan
    Practical knowledge of the operational changes

Training Fee

3 Days Training Fee, including all course materials, coffee breaks and lunches


After the session, training certificates will be provided by the Swiss Cyber Institute for each participant, in an electronic format and hard copy.

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