Cyber Security Specialist with Federal Diploma

A comprehensive training program designed for the Swiss Federal Examination, focusing on professional cybersecurity career development.

Unique 2-in-1 Training: By enrolling in the Cyber Security Specialist Course you will get the access to one additional course included in the price: Certified Security Professional

Need a refreshment or upskilling in the fundamentals? Specially for you we offer a course bundle IT Certified Associate from ISACA at a exclusive price of CHF 1000.- instead of CHF 2'490.-. Get yourself ready for a successful CSS journey starting from here.

Course Start Dates

14 November 2024

12 months program

27 May 2025

18 months program

Special Hacking Lab & Online Instructor-led Learning

220 hours of live learning, 300 hours of self-paced learning

Course fee: CHF 15'900
(only CHF 7'950 after governmental refund)

+ Perfect preparatory course bundle IT Certified Associate from ISACA at CHF 1000.- (optional)

Info Session

8 August 2024

17:30 - 18:00

Zoom - Online

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Need to freshen up or elevate your IT foundation skill? We've got you covered!

Cyber Security Specialist is a tough course and requires you to be fully prepared and equipped with fundamental IT knowledge. To make your learning path as stress-free and successful as possible, we offer a course bundle IT Certified Associate from ISACA with training in Computing, Data Science, SoftDev, Networks and Infrastructure as well as Cybersecurity Fundamentals. Check out the bundle now and profit from a special price of CHF 1'000 (instead of CHF CHF 2'490) for CSS students.

Study Content

Live Interactive Learning and Ethical Hacking Laboratory with simulated challenges related to cyber incidents.

The course content is based on the ICT Berufsbildung Competency Framework and highlights the following 4 areas of competence:

Preventive protection of systems
  • Continuously monitor threat developments
  • Analyze threats and prepare information
  • Procedures and tools for penetration tests, vulnerability scans, and compliance scans
  • Proactive threat hunting
  • Methods and tools for deceiving attackers
    Use deceptive methods
  • Provide technical advice to stakeholders
Detection of security incidents

・Monitor systems during operations
・Analyse and interpret data
・Triage security incidents
・Document security incidents
・Supervise the handling of security incidents

Handling of security incidents
  • Requirements set forth in the incident response plan
  • Static and dynamic malware analysis
  • System, network, and memory forensics
  • Methods and techniques used for structured root cause analysis (RCA)
  • Establish and take protective measures
  • Business continuity management (BCM)
Implementation of security solutions
  • Delineate system boundaries and specify requirements
  • Feasibility assessment methods
  • Cost plan and cost calculation
  • Financial controlling and reporting
  • Development of evaluation criteria
  • Planning of projects and sub-projects
  • Risk management and communication
  • Leadership behavior adapted to specific contexts and situations
  • Models and rules of communication
  • Team building and motivation
  • Conflict management



15'900 CHF

Before Funding

7'950 CHF

After Funding



Total cost after reimbursement of federal
contribution CHF 7'950


3'200 CHF

Exam fee that is paid to ICT Berufsbildung. This payment is one-time and non-refundable.

CSS Course Brochure


Exam Admission Requirements

In order to qualify for the federal examination, you must have at least two years of professional experience in the field of IT / Information Security field before the exam date.

If you have a different background, please contact us, we will gladly clarify your admission in advance!

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What makes us unique?

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Real-world cyber security challenges from industry experts

All of our students are provided with private Virtual Machines and Hacking Labs for a practical & personalized learning experience with over 30 international academics and experts from 10 countries.

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Learn anytime anywhere in Switzerland or other countries

We have two start dates in a year: May and November. The courses are fully digital, and you can attend this course while working full time, from anywhere in Switzerland and other countries.

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Your career path

With our Cyber Security Career Partner cyberunity you have access to exciting career opportunities and are one step closer to your next dream job.

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Access a network of world-class academics, industry experts, and peers to connect and develop ideas, and put theory into practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a Cyber Security Specialist?

Cyber Security Specialists are specialists in the field of cyber security. They typically work in mediumor large-sized private companies and public institutions. Their main tasks are to take preventive measures to protect the organization’s information and communication systems against cyberattacks, and to take corrective action in response to security incidents.

What are the Key Professional Competences?

・continuously analyze the cyberspace and anticipate relevant threats to the organization;
・assess system vulnerabilities, identify weaknesses, and ensure that preventive actions are taken to address them;
・monitor the systems within operations and identify relevant security incidents
・search for non-compliances related to an organization’s security policies;
・analyze the cause-effects of security incidents and respond accordingly with corrective / protective measures;
・plan and implement project-related activities in the field of cybersecurity;
・provide technical advice and training to relevant stakeholders.

What is the Professional Practice?

Typically, Cyber Security Specialists work with other specialists from within the ICT Security Operations Centre (SOC) of a given organisation. The management’s security strategy, the resulting requirements, and the organization’s Information Security Policy serve as the frame of reference for the work carried out by the Cyber Security Specialists. In order to work as a Cyber Security Specialist, a person must have sound technical expertise, rapid perceptiveness, strong analytical skills, discretion, integrity, a sense of responsibility, stamina, frustration tolerance, strong communication, and team skills.

What are the Admission Requirements to Federal Exam?

In order to gain the Cyber Security Specialist Federal Diploma, you must have completed an apprenticeship. If you have completed an apprenticeship as a computer scientist, you only need two years, otherwise four years of professional experience in ICT. Good knowledge of system and network technology, as well as basic knowledge of IT security, are important.

These requirements must only be fulfilled at the time of the federal examination. 

If you do not meet these requirements, attendance is still possible under certain conditions. Please contact us today.

When do next courses start?

We have two start dates in a year:

Every May – 3 Semesters / 18 months course

(live sessions in every two weeks)

Every November – 2 Semesters / 12 months course

(live sessions in every week)

The faculty and course contents are the same, the only difference is the frequency of the live classrooms. 

What is the language of the course?

Language of the Course: English

Swiss Cyber Institute is the only school that provides this course in English. Knowledge of English is required for the study of technical literature as the first part of the federal examination is set exclusively in English. Regardless if you are living in the German, French, or Italian part of Switzerland, you can enroll in our course.

Is this course really 100% digital?

This course is completely digital and you will experience live interactive learning. There is no need to show up to a classroom in person. You can access your live classrooms, lectures, readings, and challenges anytime and anywhere via the web and mobile.

What is Swiss Cyber Institute Online Campus?

Swiss Cyber Institute’s Online Campus is excellent for learners, having information clearly laid out, with different modules, and clear timetables to work on. The lessons will take place in two learning formats:

  • The weekly live classroom, which will take place on Tuesdays (May Course) and Thursdays (November Course) evenings from 16:00 to 20:00
  • Hacking Lab Assignments / Homeworks

This course consists of modules. Each module is broken down into manageable units. You should work throughout the components of these units in the order they are presented. A unit represents a meaningful portion of work, where you can work on different key concepts and cyber incident challenges.

Each module also aligns with a specific set of learning outcomes or learning competencies. These relate to the specific learning goals you need to achieve for the federal diploma final examination. Therefore we organize several exam simulations.

Small group discussions 

Each module in this course offers different topics for you to discuss with your peers. These take the form of discussions in the class-wide forum and are optional.

Live sessions 

Each week, you will take part in a live session with your Tutor and classmates. This involves a scenario in which you will learn during the week about specific topics. It is mandatory to participate in the weekly live sessions, which will provide you with an opportunity to engage with the Tutor and ask your questions to your Tutor and peers.

What is special Ethical Hacking Laboratory?

Swiss Cyber Institute is the only school that owns a custom-made Ethical Hacking Lab specially made for Federal Examination in Switzerland.  You will learn practical cybersecurity skills in real-world scenarios from one of the world's most talented Ethical Hackers. We have more than 100 scenarios for you there.

How much does it cost to study?

The course costs a total of CHF 15’900. After you attend the federal examination, you will be refunded half of the course fee by the Swiss Federal Government, regardless of your result in the exam. Further details can be found on the web page of the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation SBFI.

The examination fee for the federal diploma will be around CHF 3,200, according to ICT Berufsbildung (May 2019). This fee is invoiced by the examiner and must be paid before the November exam.

Course Fee included:

  • Teaching materials and licenses
  • Internal examination fees
  • Registration fee 


Total (before the reimbursement of the federal contribution) – CHF 15’900

Total (after the reimbursement of the federal contribution) – CHF 7’950

What optional internationally recognized certificates can I take after my study?

The course is designed to ensure that you can obtain CompTIA Security+ and CISSP – Certified Information Systems Security certifications after completing the whole study program. These are optional and are not absolutely necessary in connection with the federal final examination.

What jobs will this course prepare me for?

ICT Security Operations Manager: Operating, monitoring, and supporting company-wide security systems; analyzing security-relevant events; initiating and monitoring measures to eliminate threats; monitoring the current threat situation and examining any effects on the company

ICT Security Incident Manager: Leading the process of identifying, managing, recording, and analyzing security threats or incidents in real-time. Planning of preparatory measures and processes.

Cyber Security Engineer: Checking existing components and identifying security flaws. Preparation of risk assessments and analyses. Troubleshooting errors. Development of new components to improve ICT solutions. Further development of the IT architecture.

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