Cyber Crisis Management


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English language

Course Start Dates

February 2022

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April 2022

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2 Days Live Interactive Learning

09:00 - 17:00 CET

Cyber Crisis Management

About the Course

The Crisis Management training prepares participants to respond to all issues related to a Cyber Incident. This training course covers emergency tools and procedures in order to better respond to cyber attacks on a technical level, but also on a legal and organizational level.

The participants of the Crisis Management training will be able to address the fundamentals and specificities of cyber crisis management. All the information dealt with will be applied in the context of a practical case.

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Prerequisites / Equipments

  • No prerequisites are required to take this training
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  • Theoretical training on Crisis Management
  • Practical exercise on CyberRange

Cyber Crisis Management Training
by Airbus CyberSecurity

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Course Objectives

  • Structuring and mobilizing the crisis unit and key resources
  • Understanding the specificities of a cyber crisis
  • Managing and deciding in crisis situations
  • Communicating effectively in times of crisis
  • Manage the return to normal and develop the organization
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What you will learn

  • Introduction and fundamentals of crisis management
  • The specificities of cyber crisis management
  • Crisis communication
  • Presentation of the general context, tools, and distribution of roles
  • Cyber crisis management case study
  • Debriefing

Training Fee

1,800 CHF

2 Days Training Fee
With 30 days Access


After the session, training certificates will be provided by Swiss Cyber Institute and Airbus CyberSecurity for each participant, in an electronic format and hard copy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Airbus CyberRange?

The proposed training modules are designed to provide operable knowledge and operational skills to the participants. Our pedagogy is based on a set of concrete and practical scenarios. Multiple roles are managed in the Airbus Cyberrange platform in order to perform various kinds of training sessions: blue team, red team, and others. It is possible to customize groups and rules in the Airbus Cyberrange platform to fit end-user needs on execution and creation. Each training is provided by Airbus Cybersecurity trainer that brings expertise in their respective fields of business to direct benefit to the trainees.

Course Content
  • At least 80% of training content is made of practical exercises

  • Training content developed and run by active Cyber experts, with cybersecurity professional activities in Airbus CyberSecurity that also brings experience and references to the trainees already encountered examples.

  • Dedicated and realistic simulation environment including real security products and cyberattacks


With operational designed trainings, our courses are continuously updated by our educational engineers and expert trainers to adapt to needs. They focus on a direct practice of the concepts presented by alternating theory and practical exercises.

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