ICT Security Expert, Advanced Federal Diploma

Course Start Dates

November 2023

Preparation for 2024 Exam

Course Format

480 Hours Live Interactive Learning

Live Sessions, Online Campus, Exam Simulations


Info Session

Every 2. Thursday

Online - Zoom

17:00 - 17:30

29 March 2023

Neues Schloss Hotel Zurich

18:00 - 20:00

ICT Security Expert, Advanced Federal Diploma

This course is designed specifically for full-time working professionals, the program design will help busy professionals learn faster and more efficiently, and use best practices and technologies to enhance the collaborative learning experience and build rapport among program participants.

In particular, the course will cover:

  • Reducing risks in information security to the level specified by the management and board of directors
  • Identifying possible gaps in the security strategy and developing measures to close these gaps
  • Advising the crisis management team of the organisation in all matters relating to the security of information and communication technology


Study Content

Intensive training and security incidents using simulated challenges related to information security management.

The course content is based on the ICT Berufsbildung Competence Framework and highlights the following 5 areas of competence:

Business & Project Management
  • Ensure Information Security Compliance
  • Plan and Monitor ICT Projects
  • Leading and Promoting a Team
Security Risk Management
Service Management
System Management

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Our educational programs include hands-on training, designed with practice-oriented case studies, real-world challenges, and best in class learning experience. We have over 100 international academics and experts from 20 countries.

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We have two start dates in a year: May and November. The courses are fully digital, and you can attend this course while working full time, from anywhere in Switzerland and other countries.

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Access a network of world-class academics, industry experts, and peers to connect and develop ideas, and put theory into practice.

Exam Admission Requirements

Admission to the examination is granted to those who hold a tertiary qualification in the field of IT (Federal Diploma of Higher Education; HF Diplom; Bachelor's; Master's) or an equivalent qualification and has at least three years of professional experience in the field of ICT.

If you have a different background, please contact us, we will gladly clarify your admission in advance!



15,900 CHF

Before Government

7,950 CHF

After Government



Total cost after reimbursement of federal
contribution CHF 7,950



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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a ICT Security Expert?

The ICT Security Expert works for a private company or a public institution in the field of information security and takes responsibility regarding the issue of “cyber security” throughout the entirety of the organization.

Aware of potential cyber threats, they cover the entire context of information security within the organization. Therefore, the ICT Security Experts put together and manage efficient protective measures and strategies, while always staying informed about new technologies. Constant communication with various stakeholders is necessary to convey details relating to cybersecurity.

What are the Key Professional Competences?

ICT Security Experts need to be closely linked with the organization they work for, so that they can carry out their professional activities efficiently. This means that they must be knowledgeable regarding the structure, modus operandi, products, goals, and governance of the organization. ICT Security Experts will identify & assess any potential risk, define & coordinate protective measures against it, while also ensure that the defensive measures are effective.

ICT Security Experts are responsible with:

  • Anchoring the security strategy of the organization
  • Establishing the Information Security Management System
  • Managing the security programs that the organization might use
  • Collaborating on a constant basis with the stakeholders
  • Creating awareness regarding security through different events
  • Overall securing the information of the organization
What are the Professional Practices?

The ICT Security Expert must be prepared for a variety of tasks and functions. Their work environment covers the entirety of the organization and they need to manage projects, advise, and contribute with their expertise in different teams, as well as work independently.

As the entirety of the organization is the working ground of the ICT Security Expert, he must communicate efficiently with different stakeholders and respond to security problems relevant to any part of the organization.

The framework of the ICT Security Expert’s activities is defined by the industry in which they work, as well as the legal requirements and strategy of the organization.

What are the Admission Requirements to Federal Exam?

To be able to attend the Federal Examination, one of the following conditions must be met:

  • A tertiary degree in information technology (federal certificate; federal diploma; HF Diploma; bachelor’s degree; master’s degree) or an equivalent qualification and has at least 3 years of professional experience in ICT security


  • Holds a tertiary degree in another field (federal diploma; federal diploma; HF Diploma; bachelor; master) or equivalent qualification and has at least 4 years of professional experience in ICT security


  • Has completed upper secondary education in information technology or equivalent and has at least 6 years professional experience in ICT security

A proof that the applicant has a clean CENTRAL CRIMINAL REGISTER record with no entry incompatible with the profession is required.

Attending the Course without proceeding to the Federal Diploma examination is possible. To better understand your situation, we will analyze an updated version of your CV. Please contact us for further information and have an updated version of your CV ready!

When Do Next Courses Start?

We have one start date in a year:

Every November – 2 Semesters / 12 months course

(live sessions every week)

The next Start date is November 2023. YOu will be ready for the ICT Security Expert federal exam in 2024. 

What is the language of the course and exam?

Language of the Course: English

Language of the Exam: German, French, Italian

Knowledge of English is required for the study of literature. Regardless if you are living in the German, French, or Italian part of Switzerland, you can enroll in our course.

Is this course really 100% digital?

This course is completely digital and you will experience instructor-led live interactive learning. There is no need to show up to a classroom in person. You can access your live classrooms, lectures, readings, and challenges anytime and anywhere via the web and mobile.

What is Swiss Cyber Institute Online Campus?

Swiss Cyber Institute’s Online Campus is excellent for learners, having information clearly laid out, with different modules, and clear timetables to work on. The lessons will take place in two learning formats:

  • The weekly live classrooms, which will take place on every Tuesday from 16:00 to 20:00
  • Assignments / Homeworks and Group Works

This course consists of modules. Each module is broken down into manageable units. You should work throughout the components of these units in the order they are presented. A unit represents a meaningful portion of work, where you can work on different key concepts and cyber incident challenges.

Each module also aligns with a specific set of learning outcomes or learning competencies. These relate to the specific learning goals you need to achieve for the federal diploma final examination. Therefore we organize several exam simulations.

Small group discussions 

Each module in this course offers different topics for you to discuss with your peers. These take the form of discussions in the class-wide forum and are optional.

Live sessions 

Each week, you will take part in a live session with your Tutor and classmates. This involves a scenario in which you will learn during the week about specific topics. It is mandatory to participate in the weekly live sessions, which will provide you with an opportunity to engage with the Tutor and ask your questions to your Tutor and peers.

How much does it cost to study?

The course costs a total of CHF 15’900. After you attend the federal examination, you will be refunded half of the course fee by the Swiss Federal Government, regardless of your result in the exam. Further details can be found on the web page of the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation SBFI.

The examination fee for the federal diploma will be around CHF 3,400, according to ICT Berufsbildung. This fee is invoiced by the examiner and must be paid before the November exam.

Course Fee included:

  • Learning materials and licenses
  • Internal examination fees
  • Registration fee 


Total (before the reimbursement of the federal contribution) – CHF 15’900

Total (after the reimbursement of the federal contribution) – CHF 7’950

What are my prospects if I obtain the Federal Diploma?

While information and communication technology are becoming increasingly important in all areas of our lives, so do the vulnerabilities to which we, the rest of society and the economy, are exposed.

ICT Security Experts are an essential player in ensuring that information and data are protected against illegal access. The location factor for Switzerland also plays an important role, as the image of Switzerland being a reliable country is maintained. ICT Security Experts make an important contribution to this.

Good professionals are always in great demand, especially in the cybersecurity sector in Switzerland. Participating in the course makes future carrier prospects very advantageous.

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