Seeing It From The Hacker’s Vantage Point

Feb 21 2023
EVENT TIME 16:00 Tuesday


About The Event

Cyber Webinar Series

Cyber Talks Series: "Seeing It From The Hacker's Vantage Point" hosted by Boltonshield

Date: 21 February 2023 – 16:00-17:00

Location: Online webinar via Zoom

Join our Cyber Talks Series "Seeing It From The Hacker's Vantage Point" to learn more about the iterative approach to attack simulation and more efficient improvement loop of prevention, detection, reaction.


Attackers don't care if you are ISO 27001 Certified, how much awareness training you did the previous year, nor how well recognized your WAF's brand is. They find a tiny little hole and escalate from there. They might use a couple of seemingly unimportant vulnerabilities and create an exploit chain with crushing consequences. You better understand how it works before the bad guys do it to you. We guide you through an attack scenario used by APTs in the wild. To help you understand the weak points of the security systems already on an advanced maturity level. What to do about it? An iterative approach combining automation with ongoing manual work following up on findings from automated tools helps to retake control of the risks and minimize the negative impact.


Tomas Zatko, Head of Ethical Hacking, Boltonshield

Tomas hacked the bank that holds your money. Don’t worry, though - he was on the good side, with the valid contract and the goal to help. Tomas found his hacker talent back in childhood - wrote his first program as eight years old. In his adult life, he decided to make the world more secure. Tomas has more than fifteen years of professional experience in IT security. He is helping companies ranging from e-commerce to major financial institutions. He is the hacker on your side.

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