Cybertech trends and solutions

May 31 2021
EVENT TIME 10:00 Monday


About The Event

Swiss Cyber Expo

We invite you to attend our next event – “Cybertech Trends and Solutions” – where Allison Fromm, the Executive Vice President at Cybera, will introduce you to the various online frauds and scams that are increasingly common, and provide practical suggestions for individuals and businesses to avoid them.

Changes to technology over time has influenced numerous aspects of businesses and our lives. In fact, the way we lived in the past is dissimilar to the way we are living today, and this is greatly due to the changes in technology. However, in order for digital technologies to deliver on their substantial promise, evolving cyber threats need to be understood and tackled.

We, as humans, are unfortunately an easy target for malicious actors who want to steal our most valuable personal information. Cybercriminals are constantly searching for novel methods to make money at your expense. Criminal minds can execute scams in a myriad of ways and can reach these days further than before. Not only Individuals but also businesses often fall prey to scams that contain various forms of social engineering techniques. We believe that awareness is your first defence.

Allison Fromm is a senior executive with a 20-year track record of strategic planning, sales, risk mitigation, and client relationship management in both the Corporate Banking and innovative start-up sectors. As a Senior Vice President in one of largest banks in the US, Allison dealt with numerous individuals and companies who became victims of financial cybercrimes, and assisted bank clients regarding compliance with anti-money laundering regulations. She is passionate about using her proven business development skills to expand Cybera’s global network of institutions joining together to prevent cybercrime and online fraud. She currently serves on the Crypto Valley Association’s Anti-Money Laundering Task Force in Switzerland. 

Date: May 31th, 2021 at 10:00-11:00 CET

Keynote speaker: Allison Fromm, Executive Vice President at Cybera

Host: Samir Aliyev, CEO at Swiss Cyber Forum


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