Masterclass: Malicious Activity Analysis

Oct 13 2020
EVENT TIME 17:00 Tuesday


About The Event

Masterclass: Malicious Activity AnalysisMalicious activities continue to be a major problem and it is only getting worse. It is no secret that cyber security incidents lead to detrimental consequences such as business disruptions, endangerment of privacy, loss of intellectual property, and damage to corporate reputation. Given that, organizations should remain well-protected against cyber security incidents and malicious activities without sacrificing performance. Hereby, we are excited to announce our next exclusive event, Malicious Activity Analysis Masterclass.

From investigation on endpoint to network analysis, from analyzing audit events to responding incidents, this special masterclass will cover in breadth and depth all the crucial aspects of malicious activity analysis. This masterclass is intended to assist learners develop an awareness of common cyber risks, and more importantly, provide practical training that can be applied in the workplace to detect unauthorized access to the organization’s confidential information.

The great news is that we are introducing you to Swiss Cyber Forum’s Hacking Lab where users will be able to hack ethically, exploit and test new targets. Through applications on real-world scenarios and strategies learned from case studies, our users will get to see how they can sharply analyse malicious activities. The instructor, Fikrat Karimli - Information Security Architect, will deliver his expertise and perspective through thought-provoking sessions, providing you with best practices on how to remain vigilant in the face of increasing malicious activities.

The following are four great reasons why you must attend this masterclass:

  1. Learn the practical side of ethical hacking in a safe environment
  2. Get exposed to case studies with vulnerable web applications and many more systems
  3. Improve your understanding of networking concepts and network security challenges
  4. Keep your knowledge up-to-date, like we do with our hacking lab


Event details

Instructor: Fikrat Karimli MSc, OSCE, OSCP, CISSP, CCSP, GCAP, Information Security Architect at Project Worldwide, Greater Detroit Area (US) and Lead Lecturer at Swiss Cyber Forum (CH). He is skilled in SIEM, Penetration Testing, IDS, IPS, Red Teaming, Blue Teaming, Information Assurance, Ethical Hacking, ActionScript, and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).


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