Protection of Country Critical Infrastructures

May 26 2021
EVENT TIME 10:00 Wednesday


About The Event

We are delighted to announce our next event – “Protection of country critical infrastructures” – where Uwe Kissmann, Managing Director Cyber Security at Accenture EMEA will walk you through live experiences and thoughts around this important topic. We are living in a world where cyber threats are becoming more diffuse, so make sure to join our exclusive event to learn about the good practices and guidelines to achieve strong critical infrastructure security.

Critical infrastructures are usually defined as physical facilities and information technologies and communication (ICT) networks whose degradation and disruption would tremendously undermine public safety, the fulfillment of major government responsibilities and even impact the country’s ability to conduct national defence. Critical infrastructure sectors include transportation systems, energy, emergency services, healthcare and public health, nuclear reactors, government facilities, and etc. In fact, these physical infrastructures became more contingent on complex cyber systems, therefore they also became more vulnerable to cyber threats.

Given the situation, discerning and understanding dependencies between the abovementioned sectors are critical for assessing the potential risks and for determining what steps can or should be taken to solidify the resilience and security architecture of the country.

Uwe Kissmann advises executive boards of some of the world‘s largest companies on how to adopt a holistic, risk-optimised approach to the issue of cybersecurity and digitalisation. His guiding principle is to fully exploit the benefits of digitalisation while providing professional, cost-effective protection against the ensuing risks. Uwe Kissmann encourages companies to take an integral, profit-securing approach. He also acts as a business angel for a number of start-ups in the cybersecurity sector and is a visiting lecturer at various universities. Uwe Kissmann is the President of the Cyber Security Commissions of ICT Switzerland and Digitalswitzerland.

Date: May 26th, 2021 at 10:00-11:00 CET

Keynote speaker: Uwe Kissmann - Managing Director, Cyber Security at Accenture EMEA

Host: Samir Aliyev, CEO at Swiss Cyber Forum


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