Honor Code

Honor Code of Swiss Cyber Institute

Confidentiality and Intellectual property

Swiss Cyber Institute strongly advises that all students enrolled in the course avoid disclosing any information or data relating to the course, assignments, and discussions, outside the course environment. “Third party” confidential information and intellectual property, represented by information regarding the relation to any of your employers that are not publicly available should not be disclosed within the course environment. As real-world experiences will be used throughout the course as examples for different exercises, Swiss Cyber Institute recommends that false names (pseudonyms) be used to replace real names as much as possible.

The students are fully responsible when it comes to ensuring that they do not disclose information that is protected by confidentiality undertakings. If throughout the duration of the course, a student or students, create or disclose intellectual property (such as written materials, designs, names, et cetera), then the student or students must accept all the risks.

Swiss Cyber Institute will not use any intellectual property created through, submitted through, or forming part of, your assignments without the written consent of the student.

General rules of conduct

Swiss Cyber Institute invites and encourages all the students to intellectual honesty, enthusiasm for learning, fairness in debate, openness, and respect, thus enhancing the general experience of the course. Fostering a respectful learning environment can be done by adhering to these principles and by working together.

As a student of a course provided by Swiss Cyber Institute, I agree that I will:

  • Take full responsibility for my own learning and understand that all the classes (Live Session, Hacking Labs, et cetera) are mandatory;
  • Possess only one user account, not allowing any other person to login using my details;
  • Interact constructively with other students as well as with the lecturers;
  • Interact constructively with all Swiss Cyber Institute employees;
  • Not interfere with students or Swiss Cyber Institute employees in ways that would intimidate or disrupt their work;
  • Not engage in academic dishonesty or plagiarism.

Discussions and interactions

Swiss Cyber Institute offers the possibility of improving the overall course experience through the possibility of discussions and fair debates, during Live Sessions as well as on the Online Campus.

Simultaneously, Swiss Cyber Institute holds its right to monitor such debates/discussions / Live Sessions, ensuring that they progress in a respectful and constructive manner.

Swiss Cyber Institute firmly advises that the debates/discussions / Live Sessions operate only within the Chatman House Rule. This means that the information received is free to be used with the condition that the affiliation or identity of the speaker, students, or any other participants may never be revealed outside of the course environment.

As a student of a course provided by Swiss Cyber Institute,  I understand it is prohibited to:

  • Post or send any message or material (images, links, documents, videos, et cetera) that is sexual, racist, misogynistic, or defamatory in any way;
  • Impersonate any other person, excessive cross post, or spam;
  • Share material or information related or which encourages crimes, academic dishonesty, piracy, or any other illegal activity;
  • Promote or gather support for other businesses, enterprises, institutions, or organizations, unless permitted through a written email from the Swiss Cyber Institute – Program Manager or CEO, or unless it is part of the curriculum;
  • Use the discussions to promote or gather support for rallies, protests, political or religious groups.

As a student of a course provided by Swiss Cyber Institute, I agree that:

  • The Live Sessions (regardless of the platform on which they are held) relating to the course in which I will participate, will be recorded;
  • Swiss Cyber Institute will not share the recordings and shall keep and use them for continuous improvement reasons;
  • I will share my screen only when allowed by the host, co-host, or lecturer;
  • I will share my screen only on matters relating to the course.

Swiss Cyber Institute holds its right to monitor the debates/discussions / Live Sessions and act whenever something contravenes with the above prohibitions.


Swiss Cyber Institute holds the right to administer corrective actions to those found to be violating or who have violated the Honor Code during the entirety of the course. The parties involved will be thoroughly informed about the violation and the corresponding action taken which resulted from the violation.

Version effective as of 01.09.2020