Team Training

Upskill your organisation in cybersecurity with our custom-made corporate SETA program. This include awareness sessions, practical hands-on training, in-depth theoretical education, and professional development certifications.

Cybersecurity Training & Competency Development

  • Custom Cybersecurity Competency Assessment

  • Detailed Gap Reports & Custom Training

  • Flexible Training & advanced LMS Platform

  • Hacking Lab & Ongoing Assessment

  • Customized courses and certification solutions

Our customizable program helps organizations acquire the skills they need as a team to combat cyber threats. Through repetitive drills and practice, individual players can become subject matter experts on particular tools or techniques, while teams can collectively respond in the best possible manner to any scenario they’re likely to confront.

If you're looking for an individual certification or a team training at your premises or online, we can help. Our educational plans are all tailored to the needs of each organization, and the training can be done onsite or online.

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By 2030, Switzerland will require over 100,000 ICT professionals, according to ICT Berufsbildung.


A survey by CyberEdge Group found that 78% of organizations believe that their employees' lack of cybersecurity awareness is a major risk.


A Gartner report found that 70% of employees say they don't have mastery of the skills they need for their jobs.


As companies increasingly rely on technology to manage their daily operations, the threat of cybercrime continues to grow. Without trained personnel, companies cannot prevent cyberattacks. The Swiss Cyber Institute is proud to be a hub that helps professionals and organizations learn and improve their skills to prevent cybercrime in Switzerland and around the world.

Samir Aliyev, Founder & CEO, Swiss Cyber Institute

Samir Aliyev

Top benefits of team training

When you choose a training company to partner with, you want a proven provider with effective methods for success for your employees. Our goal is to get your team skilled, certified, and then come back to work fast.

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    Customized Solutions

    We develop modules aligned with your business environment and risk profile.

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    Top-Tier Expertise

    Our instructors are industry practitioners with real-world experience.

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    Interactive Learning

    Engaging in simulations and hands-on labs ensures experiential knowledge.

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    Real-World Scenarios

    Courses enriched with scenarios empower your team.

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    Flexible Formats

    Choose on-site or virtual sessions that fit your schedule seamlessly.

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    Int'l Certifications

    Our courses align with industry-recognized certifications.

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