Why Switzerland

Why Switzerland?

Switzerland has one of the strongest privacy cultures in the world, with the first bank secrecy law dating back to 1713.

Switzerland is in the process of digitalisation. Comprehensive digital interconnectivity is already a characteristic of Swiss society, economy, and culture. Rapid technological progress will continue to drive this development. This process opens up great opportunities and Switzerland is willing to use them to secure and expand security in the long term.

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Neutrality, decentralization, and direct democracy

The Swiss citizen-controlled political system is neutral, stable, predictable, and highly responsive to its citizens.

Why Switzerland

The most competitive business center in the world

There are numerous good reasons to locate a business in Switzerland: innovation and technology, a liberal economic system, political stability, close links with foreign markets, excellent education and healthcare systems, an outstanding infrastructure, a high standard of living, and a competitive tax system.

A safe and secure country

From the perspective of economic and social policy, Switzerland protects itself from cyber risks in order to be able to make consistent use of the opportunities offered by digitalisation and to maintain its locational advantage as a safe and secure country. However, complete protection against cyber risks cannot be achieved with proportionate measures. Switzerland therefore increases its resilience to cyber incidents.

Cyber Security Resilience

Protection against cyber risks is a joint responsibility of the private sector, society and the state. This means firstly that all actors are responsible for their own protection. Switzerland supports and coordinates these individual protection efforts. Beyond this, it formulates additional measures where cyber risks have a significant impact on the development and welfare of our society.