Working Groups

Cyber Career Working Group

Next level Candidate & Employer Relations. Candidates (applicants) are on the same level as their future employers and are treated with the same priority as strategic clients.
Chair: Peter Kosel

Critical Infrastructure Working Group

As the world changes, digital and physical systems converge and cyber risks intensify. It is essential to identify and address cyber threats to strengthen the resilience of Switzerland’s critical infrastructures through preventive, reactive or mitigation measures.
Chair: Nathalie Gratzer

Smart Cities & Infrastructure Working Group

Our mission is to improve cybersecurity in smart infrastructure industries: smart building, digital grid, public transportation, etc.
Chair: Dr. Alina Matyukhina

Cyber Law & Governance Working Group

A high-level, cross-disciplinary working group committed to furthering dialogue, action and thought leadership on the governance challenges and opportuntities.
Chair: Yanya Viskovich

Finance & Banking Working Group

Financial Institutions must evaluate and adapt to the ever-increasing risk of cyberattacks, as they do represent a common target. Financial Institution group discusses subjects related to cybersecurity and the finance sector.
Chair: Elcin Biren