Cyber Career Working Group

Next level Candidate & Employer Relations. Candidates (applicants) are on the same level as their future employers and are treated with the same priority as strategic clients.

Our mission:

To increase AWARENESS and ACTION in terms of how candidate-employer relations can be improved based on the following experiences/market observations:

  • properly trained cyber security experts are rare.
  • finding and attracting them is a big challenge (Expert Bottleneck, Recruitment Bottleneck, Awareness Bottleneck (understanding of vibrant relationship management with future high performers).
  • staying ahead of the curve when it comes to winning over the right people is a key driver of success now more than ever.
  • only employers that manage to recruit candidates in time will be able to survive on the market in the long term.
  • a pronounced orientation towards the acquisition of future top performers is at least as important as customer acquisition.

What we like to work on?

In order to link the best cyber talent/cyber experts with attractive employers we like to create a mutual understanding for both sides:

  • is HR ready for next level candidate relations? Really ready?
  • what does next level candidate relations mean in terms of attracting and winning over the right talent?
  • using this working group to link candidates with employers in order to learn from each other.

The aims of the working group – topics we cover include but are not limited to the following:

  • we focus on client and candidate relations with the aim of promoting mutual understanding and gaining valuable insights from which both sides will benefit.
  • how do candidates envision the application process and what do they think about the potential employer?
  • how should modern conversations between candidate and employer work – candidate vs employee perspective?
  • how should candidates/employers prepare themselves for their first conversation (please avoid the term interview – who is interviewing whom??) to make a favourable first and second impression?
  • what educational prerequisites are required for which CyberSec positions? Are certifications ‘must-have’ and if so, why – what do they really tell us about an individual’s competences?
  • salary – how can salary expectations be made transparent between the candidate and the company?
  • how can sustainable relationships between future potential employees and employers be built and nurtured?
  • improving the awareness of mutual needs –  taking into account the market situation (candidate market).

Who is this for?

Candidates who want to work on their self-presentation and impact in order to constantly improve themselves:

  • optimizing application documents – what is really important.
  • social competence – how do I come across?
  • benefit from our insights regarding client feedback based on our 25 years of market experience.

Employers who would like to improve their perception in the market as well as their recruitment process.

  • what does it mean to be a modern employer?
  • how can I attract the right performers? Smart Talent Relationship-Management.
  • how am I seen by potential candidates and what should I improve about my appearance?

Benefit from insights regarding candidate feedbacks based on cyberunity 25 years of market experience in searching for the perfect candidate.


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