Smart Cities & Infrastructure Working Group

Our mission is to improve cybersecurity in smart infrastructure industries: smart building, digital grid, public transportation, etc.

Our vision is to accelerate the smart infrastructure’s transition towards a more secure future

Smart Infrastructures escalates the physical world with digital insights, as it is largely driven by data. It comprises a number of sectors, including the smart building industry, digital grid, and public transport, making the world a more interconnected place. Smart Infrastructures with internet-connected systems play a critical role in establishing socially and economically sustainable Smart Cities.

Should the integrity of any one of these sectors be compromised by a malicious attack, the consequences could be catastrophic. A malicious actor could target specific facilities—such as hospitals, airports, schools, or banks—to shut down vital services and limit the ability of emergency personnel to respond. This working group unites leading experts with a goal to improve the cybersecurity of smart infrastructure industries

You are invited

We intend to meet quarterly in Switzerland and organize a round-table meeting. Representatives of this working group- Smart Infrastructures’ manufactures, system integrators, operators, IT managers, owners, governments, and regulatory bodies.

We aim

  • facilitate collaboration and harmonization among group members
  • remain in close contact with subject matter experts
  • add substantial value to the entire cyber security ecosystem
  • highlight good security practices to decision-makers to secure smart infrastructures against cyber threats
  • discover opportunities for where smart infrastructure business practices can accomplish sustainability outcomes
  • offer a collaborative approach, seeking strategic partnerships to ensure greatest efficiency

Our touch points are

  • Security in smart infrastructures products and solutions
  • Supply chain and manufacturing security
  • International regulations, laws, and standards
  • Cyber threat and vulnerability landscape
  • Cybersecurity best practices and tools for smart infrastructures



Dr. Alina Matyukhina



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